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If you are going through a divorce, you are not alone. Unhappily, about half of all marriages nowadays end in divorce. The Divorce Central team has developed this service to offer help, support, and information.

If you are looking for answers to legal questions, navigate to Divorce Central's Legal Center. After you arrive, click on Laws by State. Here you will be able to select your state and view direct links to the laws (where available), information on children and divorce, domestic violence, the state's legal bar association, and more.

Divorce Central features four topic-specific areas that are important to you as you deal with your divorce: The DC Legal Center, The DC Lifeline (for emotional support), The DC Parenting Center, and The DC Financial Center. Within these sections you will find information, numerous articles, checklists, links, and other tools to help navigate your divorce.

Divorce Central also provides these additional services and features:

  • Please note: This site is not owned by a law firm. The staff at Divorce Central cannot answer legal questions.


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