Divorce Central Privacy Policy

    Divorce Central, like all websites, records a small amount of information about the traffic that it receives. The information recorded consists of the date and time of a page request, the page requested, the IP address of the requesting device and the browser version and type used. By default this is the only information that is automatically recorded about our visitors.

    Some of Divorce Central's services ask that the visitor volunteer additional information - in the case of registration in our community or for our newsletter, this is a simple email address. In the case of occasional promotions, this may include an address, gender, occupation, and age. General aggregated visitor information collected by Divorce Central is used by Divorce Central to make day-to-day business decisions about the site. Examples of this are determining what countries our users visit the site from, what browsers we need to support, etc.

    Voluntary promotion and opt-in service information may be used for our own marketing purposes, or for the marketing purposes of our partners. When this is the case it will be clearly stated. Divorce Central will NEVER sell, loan or share any of this information with any third party - unless otherwise explicitly stated in promotion rules, terms of service agreements, etc.

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